Taylor Swift May Have Been Dropping Hints About Her Issues With Scott Borchetta For Years

Taylor Swift May Have Been Dropping Hints About Her Issues With Scott Borchetta For Years

By now I’m definite you might perchance well presumably be conscious that earlier this week, Taylor Swift published a lengthy Tumblr post in response to the tips that Scooter Braun had bought her weak report brand, Massive Machine, for $300 million.

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Taylor revealed in the post that she had “pleaded” with report brand boss Scott Borchetta for “years” to comprise the grasp recordings of all six of her albums.

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Alternatively, she wasn’t given the probability to raise them outright; the excellent potential she’d be ready to compose the rights to her work used to be by signing one other contract with Massive Machine, “incomes back” one feeble album for every unique one produced. Taylor went on to express she felt deeply betrayed by Scott promoting the firm to Scooter — a man she claims has subjected her to “incessant and manipulative bullying…for years.” It’s doubtless you’ll perchance presumably presumably also glean up on the total details here.

Now, we know that Taylor is notorious for filling her work with hidden details and Easter Eggs for followers to decode later. And it appears to be like that this verbalize is rarely any various. Definitely, she might perchance well presumably presumably had been shedding hints about her feud with Scott since as early as 2016 — and all people overlooked it.


Right here’s the total evidence.

Again in April 2016, Taylor invited Vogue into her Beverly Hills home for an appearance in their 73 Questions series. One among the questions build aside to her used to be: “What recommendation would you give to someone who wants to alter valid into a singer?”


And this used to be her response.


At the time, the solution used to be somewhat confusing. Now followers are speculating that it used to be a reference to the contract Taylor signed feeble 15 and the ongoing conversations about her masters.

Later that one year, Taylor’s 1989 obtained Album of the one year at the Grammy’s. She directed her acceptance speech to “the total young girls folk accessible,” telling them that folk will “strive to undercut your success or resolve credit for your accomplishments or reputation”.


“But whereas you happen to merely point of curiosity on the work and likewise you do now not let those folks sidetrack you,” she persevered, “In some unspecified time in the future whereas you ranking where you are going, you might perchance well presumably comprehend it used to be you and the those that luxuriate in you who build aside you there, and that might perchance well presumably presumably be the excellent feeling in the world.”

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At the time, it used to be broadly assumed that the speech used to be a reference to the uproar surrounding Kanye West’s song, “Well-known” which integrated the lyric: “I glean luxuriate in me and Taylor might perchance well presumably presumably also peaceful possess intercourse/Why?/I made that bitch notorious.” While here’s arguably peaceful the case, some followers are now dissecting various ingredients of the speech and suggesting it used to be a reference to Scott as properly.

In any case, Taylor suggested the memoir of Scott begging her to build aside “three country songs” on 1989 many times valid via the generation. But she refused, telling him she wished to plan a pure pop report, and called the shots on all the pieces from its sound to the title and art work.

Massive Machine Data

Taylor used to be then vindicated when 1989 grew to alter into no longer simplest basically the most profitable album of her profession however the largest start for a decade. The Grammy’s speech might perchance well presumably presumably had been an acknowledgement of that fact — that her success used to be valid down to her and her choices on my own.

And the actual fact Taylor touched on the treatment of girls folk in her speech echoes the sentiment in her Tumblr post referring to the sale of Massive Machine.

I’m additionally merely going to leave these gifs here.

There are many items of evidence that counsel “Scrutinize What You Made Me Perform” — basically the major single from her closing album with Massive Machine in August 2017 — used to be about Scott. Alternatively, regarded as one of basically the most compelling ingredients of the understanding used to be the scene in the video where Taylor is trapped internal a gold cage surrounded by security guards.

Massive Machine Data

Correct via this scene she sings the phrases: “I don’t luxuriate in your kingdom keys/They as soon as belonged to me/You requested me for a predicament to sleep/Locked me out/And threw a feast.’ Fans possess theorised the lyrics and imagery are a visual illustration of the battle for Taylor to comprise her masters — alongside with her songs being “held hostage” no subject the actual fact she’d change into the linchpin in Massive Machine’s brand and success.

Well, very interestingly, the poem “If You is doubtless to be The leisure You is doubtless to be Love Me” that Taylor wrote for the start of Recognition, comprises a stanza which continues the theme.

Massive Machine Data

Might perchance perchance well also the “justice machine” and “enemies” confining Taylor in a golden penal advanced cell be a reference to the drama with Scott, whereas “finding herself” signify Taylor’s quite plenty of to transfer on from Massive Machine?

In Might perchance perchance well also 2018, the Recognition stadium tour kicked off. And each single night of the 53 date lag, Taylor dedicated the efficiency of “Dress” to Loïe Fuller — an actor and dancer who fought for artists to comprise their work.


The sentiment used to be indispensable then, but hits much extra mighty now.

Noteworthy extra interestingly, Taylor posted this photo of herself playing scrabble on October 21 2018 alongside the caption: “Let the video games BEGIN.”

If you happen to stare very intently at the letters on her board, they stare very much as despite the indisputable fact that they’re spelling out Loïe’s title.

Decrease than one month later, on November 18 2018, Taylor announced that she had signed to Republic Data.

And, in the post wherein she announced her unique report deal, Taylor jumped straight into how indispensable it used to be to her that she comprise the masters to all of her recordings.

We didn’t know then that this had been an ongoing enviornment between her and Scott, but basically, the tips used to be excellent there in entrance of our damn eyes.

Taylor neatly-known Fresh one year’s Eve 2018 with a costume party at her Fresh York home, where mates had been invited to gown as their childhood heroes.

Taylor dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid which used to be lustrous and all the pieces, but snakeskinandsequins on Tumblr has now posited that this used to be a huge brand referring to the feud as properly.

Since you might perchance well presumably presumably also derive that, in the movie, Ariel is forced to brand a contract which allowed someone else possession of her converse. She simplest will get her converse back at the discontinue of the movie when she’s freed from her contract.


What’s much extra titillating despite the indisputable fact that, is that mermaids made repeated appearances on Taylor’s clothing valid via the Recognition generation — her closing with Massive Machine Data.


For instance, she wore this jacket with a mermaid motif in the magazine which used to be released alongside physical copies of Recognition back in November 2017.

Massive Machine Data

And, at the discontinue of her Recognition tour documentary which used to be released on Fresh one year’s Eve 2018, Taylor wore a T-shirt emblazoned with two mermaids in the blooper precise.


Definitely, here’s actually the very closing shot for your total movie — i.e. the closing appearance of Taylor in the Recognition generation. Modified into she hinting the total potential back then that she used to be about to reclaim her converse?!

And, lastly, all of us know that Taylor is releasing her seventh album, Lover, imminently. It’s a long way basically the major start by potential of her unique brand, and attributable to this fact basically the major report she’ll ever possess beefy possession of.

And butterflies had been a recurrent image valid via the Lover generation, which began in in late February 2019.,

She wore shoes decorated with them in her first public appearance of the generation, referenced them in this Instagram caption, announced the start of lead single “Me” in entrance of a huge bespoke mural of a butterfly, and integrated them in each and every of the music movies from the album previously.

There had been many theories referring to the repeated butterfly imagery, but followers couldn’t pretty attain a conclusion about what they symbolised. Alternatively, in gentle of this data, followers now deem they signify Taylor lastly being free from the terms of her Massive Machine contract and gaining possession of her future work.

And Taylor herself went on to luxuriate in this post on Tumblr confirming this understanding.

My mind is blown.

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