Privacy Issues: Will Jio SIM Track IMEI Numbers? Block SIM Slots?


jio sim track

After the Reliance Jio has been launched in the market there have been rumours all over the internet, with people complaining about the call drops, 4GB data throttling and lot more. But out of all, the most buzzing rumour was that the Jio SIM will be blocking the SIM slot and no other SIM card will function when placed in the same slot in which the Jio SIM was placed earlier. The rumour says that the company is tracking the IMEI number of the device and hence will block the SIM slot from being access by other SIM services.

Firstly let me tell you that those are just “RUMOURS”! The Jio SIM cards are GSM services and are not CDMA service which will track the IMEI number and get paired with them. Which means  that CDMA SIM cards will block the port from further access to any other service. Hence, since Jio is GSM service, the users can happy enjoy the Jio services and all another mobile network service when required in the same slots without any issues.

Some of the rumours also say that the tracking will be effective from 1st Jan 2017. That is the end of the preview or welcome offer of the Jio services. But the answer, in this case, is also the same. The SIM slots will not be affected in any manner and will not be prone to tracking. The users can happily interchange their SIM cards and utilise multiple telecom services whenever required.

If you have any kind of questions regarding Reliance Jio, feel free to comment down below. We will get back to you soon.

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  1. I have a Jio sim in my moto g3 mobile I recently bought another mobile . Can I use the same sim which I was using in moto g3 or do i need to get new sim again

    • You can use the same Jio SIM card on your new mobile. But, make sure that the new mobile is VOLTE enabled to enjoy Jio services to the full extent. Check out this article for a list of VOLTE supported mobile phones – List of VoLTE Mobiles

  2. I live in Kolkata because my service in kolkata. My adhar card is Jharkhand . When I submit my adhar card no. That reliance stores has replied me no process. My barcode wants block.So please my bar code blocked

  3. i have one jio sim already can i buy another jio sim for other mobile with the same aadhar card number i used to buy the old jio sim…how many jio sim i can buy using a same aadhar number..
    thank you.

    • Yes, you can buy another SIM with the same aadhar card. There is no specific number of SIMs stated by Jio officially as of now.

  4. Hi am sandy I bought jio sim bt all r my frnds r saying dat Nov 22nd jio users may get blocked der sim slots is it fake r truth am confused n I want to remove my jio sim pls respond me is it fake r truth

  5. Imei no. 867466026998208 my le 2 phone was lost jio service not help me finding that device containing jio sim card useless setisficatikn from centre find my phone my no. 8093732308

  6. Hi

    I have lost my JIO phone yesterday . but i dont have IMEI number too. I request to please help me in finding my JIO phone back


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