KFC’s Chicken flavoured sunscreen

KFC sunscreen

KFC sunscreen

It’s New! Real! Free! Extra Crispy!  Chicken Flavoured sunscreen! The KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen!

It sounds amazing with this idea of smelling like our favourite food. Of course, we do use lotions that make us smell sweet.

Why always the same?

And another sort of flavour!

The chicken scented KFC sunscreen

Do imagine the redolence of crispy fried chicken-the golden brown dough’s earthy and rich flavour, the soft and juicy chicken beneath.


Who doesn’t want to smell like that?

KFC has actually made this dribble aroma a reality, and not only with its world famous crispy chicken. But also with their all-new Extra Crispy Sunscreen, that has been announced and launched just two days back.

This SPF 30 product has two splendid uses: It helps you protect your skin while the real fried chicken scent leaves you smelling delicious! It’ll help us from sunburns and make our skin glow. They’re too funny, but  effective advertisement announces that this Extra Crispy Sunscreen  keeps you smelling great. Of course, you can’t eat this lotion, yet you can’t let the attractive aroma confuse you.


The sunscreen is being given away free till September 30 or while stocks last. Guess what? There was such a rush of ordering that KFC has already been out of this sunscreen!
According to a renowned magazine, there were 3,000 bottles of this lotion on offer, all of which have got completed within a day! Deliveries will be made within eight weeks from the time of order, so we can’t estimate how good the product is as yet.
Meanwhile, as we can’t get any more bottles of this aromatic lotion till KFC creates some more of the KFC sunscreen, we can satisfy our urge for this new, extra crispy delight by looking into their site which guarantees us that it is ‘definitely real, and definitely not edible. So do not eat this.
We do hope and wait until Extra Crispy KFC Sunscreen is available in India so that we can order and get some of them.



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