Top 10 Best Assault Rifles In The World


Is War a good thing? Definitely not! The only one who profits is Gun-Makers. War has been consistently encouraging us to develop new weapons to remain front in the game of arms race. With advancement in Science and Technology, newer and strategic arms are being used. Assault rifles have become a determining factor in combat, therefore driving it essential to evolve them in every feasible way. Ages of experimenting and civilizing have furnished us with some finest assault rifles. Here we go-

10.FN SCAR (Belgium)

FN SCAR (Belgium)Belgian Fabrique Nationale has developed this assault rifle to meet the requirements given by the US Special Operation Command (US SOCOM). These assault rifles are available in a different caliber and moreover used by US Special Forces and elite law enforcement units.

9.Heckler & Koch HK416

Heckler & Koch HK416

For US Army’s Delta Force, a company named Heckler & Koch specially designed a weapon for their Requirments in 1990. This assault rifle reduces the malfunction and also increased the life of parts.

8.SIG SG 550

SIG SG 550

From  1990, a Swiss army adopted an assault rifle SIG SG 550. This rifle is good at long ranges. It also proved to be accurate and reliable as Swiss watches. Moreover, Elite and special force units are using this rifle. Over 6,00,000 SIG SG 550 assault rifles are produced.

7.Tavor TAR-21

Tavor TAR-21

Isareal Military Industries (IMI) has developed this Tayor TAR-21 assault rifle in the 1990s. In 2006, this weapon became a standard infantry rifle to Israel and has been exported to around 20 countries. In addition, this weapon comes with the night-vision system and with a red standard dot. This weapon is simple and versatile.



Yisrael Galil is one of the designers of this weapon and it is named after him. It is developed in the 1960s later adopted by Isreal Defense Forces (IDF) in 1972. Galil is employed in Isreal and more than 30 countries.

5.Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG

It was designed in Austria and adopted by Austrian Army in 1977. This assault rifle was revolutionary in many aspects and AUG has become popular after this weapon. Steyr AUG rifle is most commercially successful bullpup design until today. This assault has much accuracy and good ergonomics.

4.Heckler & Koch G3

Heckler & Koch G3

Heckler & Koch designed G3 rifle in the 1950s and Bundeswehr armed forces adopted this in 1959. These rifles are used especially by the German border guards and police forces. This weapon is widely exported and is in service with more than 60 countries. Though it is an old design, it has accurate functionality which makes it a rugged, and reliable weapon.

3.Heckler & Koch G36

Heckler & Koch G36

Heckler & Koch designed G36 to replace the G3 assault in service with the Bundeswehr.  Since 1995, G36 is a standard infantry rifle with the German armed forces. Heckler & Koch G36 has been exported to more than 40 countries and it is a modern, light, accurate, rugged and reliable weapon.



The world’s most widely used assault rifle is Ak-47. The main advantage of this weapon is its reliability. Ak-47 rifle works even when it is driven over by a tank, filled with mud and covered with rust. AK-47 has killed more people than any other rifles. It is widely used in India because it is cost effective and reliable.


M16Armalite designed M16 to meet the requirements of US Army. This is extensively used and around 8 million weapons have been manufactured to date. The advantage of this weapon is its weight in addition to range and accuracy. Almost 70 countries are using this weapon.




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