10 Things That Prove School Life Is The Best Phase

10 Things That Prove School Life Is The Best Phase

School life is the best phase in every person’s life. Even though we hate our school we never forget the memories it has given us. It is the place where we do craziest things with our friends. No matter how much we are allergic to school, it still brings a smile on our face whenever we think of the fun we had. It’s the stage where we experience everything for the first time. As you know, first experience is the best experience!

Here are few things that make school life the best time of one’s life!!

1.The first day of school

First day in school is the most exciting day.

The first day is the happiest day because everything is new. The new Classroom, new books, new class teacher this way the list goes on. As soon as the school begins, the first task we will be excited about is to cover the books with a brown sheet.


Home work is nightmare for every studnet in school

The word ‘homework’ is the nightmare for every student. We used to avoid the homework by squealing silly reasons. We are all afraid of the punishments given by teachers for not completing the given homework.

3.School Friends

school friends are the best.Friends are the best gift we get from our school. No matter how many friends you may have in your life, childhood friends remain the most admirable people we ever get. They were with us in every crazy thing we did in school. They know exactly who we are, how we used to be and how we transformed over the years. No matter where life takes us, school friends who made our childhood memorable, will always have a special place in everyone’s life.

4.Stress-free life

Stress-free life in school phase

That point in time when we were not under any pressure, tension or stress and we were busy playing and having fun is our childhood. There were no responsibilities on us, no deadlines, no hectic work the only thing we have to do is complete homework, eat, sleep and play.

5.Money is not an issue

money is not a issue in school phase

Money was not an issue at that stage. That was the age when we totally depend on our parents for our expenses, so we just had to cry for what we want.


punisments are the funniest things in school phase

Punishments were something fun for us, and when we were punished along with friends the fun is amplified.

7.Scariest Math Teacher

maths is the mystery subject for every students in school.

Math is a mystery to almost everybody in school (except a few though). Don’t know why math teachers we had were the scariest of all. Every student was afraid of the math teacher in our childhood and the fact is they are the one whom we make fun of.


First role models for every student in school.

Students habitually impersonate teacher’s actions. Teachers make a constructive difference in the lives of students. They are the one who will have a lasting impact on students. They encourage everyone in class by giving opportunities to achieve the desired goals.

9.School Picnics

"Picnic" happiness in one day.

Every student gets excited by listening to the term ‘picnic’. Amusement parks, water parks, museums whatever be the place, picnics make you feel rejuvenated. Picnicking is the splashy way to socialize.

10. Long Vacations

Best thing in school is long vacation

The best part of school life is summer and Dusshera Vacations. The only things we used to do on our holidays is to play the whole day and have fun.


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