How To Open Blocked Websites In India

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Are you facing access problems to a few websites in India? Then in this article, you will find a solution. This blog post tells you how to open blocked websites in India 2017.

Most you say that you see an error message which reads – the url you requested has been blocked. This is a common problem most of us face in India. These websites are banned mostly due to one reason and that is piracy.

Here, piracy can be of many types. It can be pirated movies, pirated songs and what not.

The proven method to access these websites is a proxy to open blocked websites. By using this proxy method you can open banned websites. For those who do not know what proxy is – simply said, it is a method which spoofs the presence to some other location by changing the IP address of your internet connection.

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With that said, let’s us now see how to open blocked websites in sites.

How to open blocked websites in India 2017

The software that we are going to use for obtaining the free proxy for accessing banned websites in India is named Psiphon. With Psiphon installed you need not worry about setting up the proxy as this software does all the work for you. All you have to do is download this software and run it.

  1. This is how you can download Psiphon – Click here to visit the download page of Psiphon.
  2. Select your preferred platform – Windows, Android, and iOS.
  3. Then download the software.
  4. Once downloaded, just open the Psiphon app (no installation required)

Once the app is running and the status shows connected – you are all set. Now you can access all the banned websites and blocked websites.

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That’s it? YEAH! It’s that simple. If you liked this post then do share this post with your friends and family. They might appreciate you as well for this discovery. 🙂



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