How Do YouTubers Make Money? Ways To Make Money From YouTube

How Do YouTubers Make Money - Ways To Make Money From YouTube

How Do YouTubers Make Money: You might have seen a lot of YouTubers making a lot of money and that is what made you curious to know exactly how do big YouTubers make money. Well, that is what I’m here for.

There are certain myths regarding the YouTube money making process. One of the most common questions is – how much does youtube pay per subscriber? Let me break the pot, YouTube does NOT pay for the subscribers – not a penny.

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YouTube only pays for the views that you get on the videos. With that statement said, you will have a question in mind – how much do YouTubers get paid per 1000 views? Sorry, to say this, but that depends on a lot of factors. The topic the video is made on, the time it took to gain those 1000 views, the CPM of the video, the RPM of the video and a lot more.

But, we can safely say that a YouTuber can earn about $1.50 per 1000 views(on an average). Well, who pays that $1.50 you might ask. That is the first and major source of income for most of the YouTubers – Adsense.

 1. Adsense: Make Money from YouTube with Ads

Adsense is a ads network which is owned by Google and provides ads on the videos that you might have seen while using YouTube or watching videos on YouTube. The YouTube channels that enable the monetization will have the AdSense ads displayed on their videos.

The ads in the form of a video appear at the start of the video in the form of a skippable or unskippable ad. Another form of video ads appears in the middle of the video, also called as mid-role ads. You can also observe the ads placed on the side of the video and also on the top of the video which is currently playing.

When a user watches the entire video advertisement or when the viewer interacts with the ad units placed around the video – then the YouTuber makes money from it.

The actual fact is that the YouTubers get 68% of the ad revenue share and the rest is taken by YouTube.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Make Money With YouTube By Selling Products

Affiliate marketing is also considered as one of the major sources of income for many YouTubers. This method of making money from YouTube is mostly used by technology based YouTube content creators. These people often have a product or service to talk about and they place their affiliate links in the video and make a commission from the sales that happen.

If you are a person who has no idea about Affiliate marketing this check out this video.

The video quality is kinda crap, but the content is sure worth the watch. So do check it out completely before reading further.

Big e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and a lot more have their own affiliate programs in which people can join for free and get paid to make sales via their YouTube channel. The commission ranges from 4-15% depending upon the product.

3. Sponsored Videos: Promote others to make money from YouTube

As a famous cricketer gets sponsorship for his bat or kit, YouTubers also get sponsors for their videos. The main point to note is that you won’t get any kind of sponsorship until and unless you have an established audience base – which is subscribers on YouTube. The more the subscribers – the easy to get sponsorship for your videos.

In fact, once you reach a stage of around 30-40k subscribers – companies will approach you and ask you to promote their product or service via your videos and pay you for it. Sounds good? Well, what can I say – Hard work pays off.

4. Crowdsourcing: Making Money By Giving Exclusive Content

Once you have a good number of fans, they will do anything to get something that they want from you. May it be an exclusive video that you have made just for them or a piece of content that makes them feel special.

Until recent years this was not possible. But now with YouTube RED, you can make extra money by providing exclusive content to your fans.

Also, there are platforms like Patreon which lets people give the YouTube content creator some amount of money just out of love or to support them in their works. People make about $1500 from Patreon every single month. So that is a huge place of opportunity for people to make some extra money from their fans.

So those were the 4 ways in which YouTubers make money. YouTube is a great way to make money from home, if you are not on YouTube yet then create a YouTube channel now and get started. If you want to make money online then check out TechXenos YouTube channel.

I guess that your question on How Do YouTubers Make Money is now answered. If you have any other doubts related to YouTube then do comment below I’ll be happy to answer.

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