What Makes Nails Hard? The Science Behind It!

What Makes Nails Hard - The Science Behind It

They say that a person’s fingernails tell a lot about the health condition of them. Well, not all changes are related to health conditions, some of the changes do occur naturally but some of the changes in the nails like – color or growth pattern indicate some unhealthy changes in the body. Now comes the question of what makes nails hard?

What Makes Nails Hard? The Science of Strong Nails

Maintaining the nails has become a part of the lifestyle to many people, there are people who spend hundreds of dollars to keep their nails in good shape. Like any other part of the body, nails are made up of proteins. For nails, a major part of the protein that makes it hard is keratin. The nails are just a part of the skin, there are layers and layers of keratin that get over one another right below the cuticle(the dead skin from which the nails start to grow) to gain that shape and strength.

As the layers of keratin get older, they get hard and compacted layers of the protein are now pushed out of the cuticle. Again the new set of layering of keratin process begins. This is how the nail gets hard and attains its shape and strength.

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By default nails in humans are smooth, they do not have any spots or lines or any other patterns on them. But, nails can develop white lines or spots when they meet with an injury. There is no need to worry about this as these spots and lines grow out and are nothing to be afraid about.

Not only do the nails reflect your physical injury in the form of white lines and spots but it also helps in identifying a lot of things about your health condition. There is a post written on the news network of mayo clinic. Feel free to check it out for more detailed information.

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