Does JioPhone Have WiFi Hotspot & WiFi? Everything You Need To Know

Does JioPhone Have WiFi Hotspot & WiFi Everything You Need To Know

Jio phone wifi: JioPhone have WiFi hotspot? JioPhone have WiFi? These are the most asked questions on the internet right now by the people who just heard about the new JioPhone. This device was revealed to general public recently in an event by Jio chairperson Mukesh Ambani.

The main takeaway of this device is that it is for selling for free! But, customers will have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1,500 which is refundable after 3 years upon returning the device.

Mukesh Ambani says that this device is an attempt to transform the users of feature phones into smartphones.

Now let us talk about the “JioPhone wifi hotspot feature” and “JioPhone wifi feature

There are many questions asked on the internet regarding the same and they are:

  • Will JioPhone Have Wifi?
  • Is there hotspot in this Jiophone?
  • Hotspot Feature Will Be There In JioPhone Or Not?
  • Will JioPhone Has Wifi Hotspot Feature?

Here are the answers!

Does Jio Phone have WiFi hotspot?

In short- YES!

But, this feature is currently locked in the device upon initial release. The good news is that this wifi hotspot feature in the Jio phone will be soon unlocked by a software update to the device.

If the JioPhone is having the hardware to support WiFi hotspot feature then why lock it in the initial release? Well, the answer to that is still unknown.

Moving on…

Will JioPhone have WiFi?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

This is true that the JioPhone will not feature the WiFi option in the device. To let the users meet their internet usage requirements – Reliance Jio has come up with exclusive offers for JioPhone users.

Jio calls it “The Freedom Plan Of Rs. 153“. Users of the JioPhone can now recharge for Rs 153 and enjoy 500MB high-speed 4G data every day. What more can you ask for?


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