How To Increase Snapchat Score FAST! (2017 Edition)

how to increase snapchat score 2017

It does not matter if you are new to snapchat or not. All that matters is you want to increase your snapchat score and I’m going to show you exactly how to increase snapchat score in a very short time.

Sounds like you want that? Read along.

We previously wrote – how to get a high snapchat score and that received a huge round of appreciation from you guys. So, we decided to bring you the 2017 edition of that same topic – how to get snapchat points fast. 

We will first break it down to you what exactly snapchat score is and how to get more snapchat score. If you already know these feel free to skip this and scroll down to read the actionable tips and tricks to increase snapchat score.

What is Snapchat Score or Snap Score?

how to increase snapchat score

Snap score is a kind of pointing system of snapchat. It awards this snap score to those who open snaps or send snaps. In short, when you open a snap you get 1 point and when you send a snap also you get one point. That’s it! That’s all you need to know about snapchat score.

There are also certain badges or achievements given to snapchat users on obtaining certain points and performing certain actions. That’s it! That’s all you need to know about snapchat score.

Enough of waiting! Let’s get into the real deal.

How to increase snapchat score?

Well, there is a lot that goes into increasing snapchat score but here are the best ways to get high snapchat score in no time.

 1. Talk to Team Snapchat

There is a chat option with Team Snapchat in your snapchat app. These are the people on the other side on snapchat – the creators. Show them some love, send them a few snaps a day. This increases your snapchat score as you are sending snaps. Each snap get’s you one point. Team Snapchat loves interacting with its user community, make use of it to the most to increase your score.

2. Send Snap Texts and not text messages in Snapchat

Your snapchat score does not increase if you view any snap story or read text messages. So, if you are determined to increase your score then send snap texts and not the normal texts.

How? You might ask. Full a finger on the camera and take a snap. Now you have a black snap, write on it and send it to your friends. This increases your snapchat score and also your communication is also done. Two things in one go.

Good one eh? Try it now.

3. Bug your best friends

Common now, they have seen us doing worse things. So, hit them up with countless snaps and since they are your best buddies they will open your snaps which increase your snap score.

Another reason why this works is – people don’t like to have that notification of snap not seen on their app so they will open it – sooner or later. Take advantage of this psychological fact and use it to your benefit. Send snaps to people who don’t mind you spamming them with just random snaps. I’m sure you have that one friend who doesn’t mind.

This is my favorite method out of all in this how to increase snapchat score article.

Like messing around with your friends? Then you will love this WhatsApp hang message trick which can hang the mobile of your friend by sending a simple message to it.

4. Send snaps to celebs

That’s right! Hit up celebrities. Why? Because they won’t see your snaps as they get a lot of them every day. So, for every snap that you send you will get a point. Find a list of celebs that you like and start sending them snaps.

Be sure not to send all the spam snaps to one celeb as this might result in suspicion. Spread your snaps evenly among the celebs to avoid any complication. Take advantage of this method proper manner and get the most out of it.

5. Prefer video snaps over picture snaps

Snapchat lets its users send a 30-second long video to their friends on snapchat. Sending videos will increase your score even more than sending picture snaps. So prefer sending of video snaps over picture snaps to increase your snapchat score fast.

If you’re smart enough then you will use video snaps in all the above 4 methods to increase your snapchat score even faster.

Some tips to Snapchaters

  1. Use snapchat regularly to increase your score quickly.
  2. Do not fall for any software’s or tricks that promise to increase your score.
  3. Snapchat is a secure application, there is no hac-k for it. So, don’t use any such methods.

That was the 5 tips on how to increase snapchat score. Hope you guys found it helpful. 🙂

In recent times, all the big players of internet based messaging companies and other social media companies are trying to copy snapchat features into their services. No matter what they do it is still going to be the best of its kind.

So, start snapping now! Increasing your score and show off in front of your friends. 😉



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