Facebook crashes on all platforms Worldwide, gets back after an hour of outage

facebook crash global map

The world’s most popular social media website – Facebook crashed on Tuesday morning. The desktop version of Facebook went down at around 6:30 AM and was offline for almost an hour before it went back live at 7:25 AM IST. Although people on mobiles were able to access the cached feed on their mobile apps but were not able to refresh the feed.

The major hit was to the users who logged into services or websites using the facebook social login option. All those users were locked out of those apps during the period of the crash. This facebook crash is said to be global but the major impact was on the Australian users. The users did not understand what was happening and they took over twitter to express their confusion. The hashtags #facebookdown and #facebookisdown were gaining traction of Twitter within 10 minutes of the crash.

Meanwhile, people who tried accessing facebook from their desktop were welcomed with a message that read – “We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”.

facebook crash message

There is no official statement from Facebook as of now regarding the reason why facebook crashed and also what areas were affected. But according to a website called DownDetector.com, this facebook crash majorly affected the users of Asia, New Zealand and some parts of North America.

facebook crash global map

Update 1: Facebook Statement about the crash

“Earlier today some Facebook users were unable to access Facebook briefly. We’ve now fixed the issue and apologise for the inconvenience caused,” said a facebook spokesperson.


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