How to Contact A YouTuber or YouTube Channel? 4 Ways to do so

4 ways to contact a youtuber

YouTube is a place that is growing rapidly both in terms of audience and creators. And with growing content creators there is an increase in need of resources to connect them. Why connect YouTube channel? Well, maybe they want to collab, or just send them a message of appreciation. In this blog post, you will be seeing at – how to contact a YouTuber or Youtube Channel.

According to me, there are only four(4) ways of contacting a YouTube channel and they are as shown below.

4 Ways to Contact a YouTuber or YouTube Channel

4 ways to contact a youtuber

 1. YouTube Video Commenting

youtube commenting

Well, you might have guessed it by now. You are right! It’s exactly what you think. Commenting on YouTube videos is the quick and easy way to contact a YouTuber. This is because you need not do any special tasks to contact them in this method. All you have to do is – open any video of the YouTube channel that you want to contact and scroll down and comment on those videos.

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Most YouTubers/YouTube channels tend to reply to most of their video comments as it helps them in a lot of ways. Like – increasing audience engagement, boosting the video up in search results, etc. So there are a lot of chances that you might get a reply.

Keep in mind that this method will not work for contacting big YouTube channels. Why? Because they get thousands of comments on their videos every single day and they cannot possibly read all of them, let alone be replying to those comments.  For contacting the big YouTuber’s the 2nd and 3rd methods are the best.

2. YouTube Private Messaging

private message in youtube

This is more of a straightforward way of contacting YouTube channels. It is similar to WhatsApp usage, just like how you send a message to your friend in WhatsApp which can be read by you and your friend alone. The same applies to YouTube private messaging. In YouTube, open the channel profile of the channel you want to contact. Then go to the About section of the channel and beside the Flag option, you will find a button which reads – Send message. Now, all you have to do is type the message you want to convey and send it.

This method is a bit straight forward method to contact a YouTube channel. This method cuts you off from the thousands of people who comment on videos and puts your message where there are higher chances of getting read. But, if you are trying to contact a YouTuber or YouTube channel who is as big as MKBHD or DNews then you might have to consider the 3rd method.

3. Business emails of YouTube Channels

business email youtube channel

This is the most professional way to approach a YouTube channel. This method is usually preferable for contacting BIG YouTuber’s for collaboration requests or business proposals. You can find the business emails of YouTube channels in a very simple way. All you have to do is – open the YouTube channel that you want to contact and then go to the About section and under the Details, you will find For business inquiries, beside which you will find a button which reads “View email address”. Click on that button, verify that you are a human and soon after you hit submit you will find the email of that YouTube channel.

Now you can this email to send professional emails to the YouTube channels that you want to contact and can have high chances of getting a reply.

4. Social Media Hunt

social media youtube channels

It is not a hidden fact that almost all YouTube channels have socials profiles setup. What I mean by social profiles is – Facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc. You can use them to contact a YouTuber. Now let me tell you where to find those social links. On the channel page right above the SUBSCRIBE button who will find all the social profiles linked to that channel. Also, you can find all the social profile links in almost all the video descriptions.

So, those were the 4 ways in which you can contact a YouTuber. If you did not follow any of the above steps then go through the video below to get an even more detailed information.



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