Top 10 Smartphone Myths BUSTED!


Smartphone myths: In the modern world, we are surrounded by myths about almost everything around us. In this post, I will be busting a few of these myths related to smartphones and their usage.

Smartphone Myths you believe in but are actually not true!

1. A Screen Protector is mandatory!

Smartphone myths : A Screen Protector is mandatory

As we buy a new phone we start becoming over protective about it, that’s completely natural. The first thing that gets into our mind for protecting our phone is adding a screen protector to it. But how useful is that? Ever questioned yourself on that? Some people do come with questions like – does corning gorilla glass need screen protector? And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about.

Most of the Smartphones that are being launched in these days are coming equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass which offers great strength and also is scratch proof. Now, adding a thin layer of extra protection – screen protector – would probably do no good to your smartphone but will certainly waste your hard earned money. If your phone is not having a Corning Gorilla glass then you might look into getting yourself a decent screen protector.

2. More Megapixels Means Greater Camera Quality.

Smartphone myths : More Megapixels Means Greater Camera Quality

The human tendency of thinking that more is better is all wrong in the case of your smartphone’s camera quality i.e. your smartphone camera Megapixels. People ask questions like – how many megapixels is good for a camera? and Is camera as good as the other phones camera? Well, most phones what come up these days are having a decent camera ranging from 5MP-15MP on average. But the photos that a smartphone takes does not only depend on your camera Megapixels, there are a lot more factors to be considered.

There are various factors that add up to produce a great image from your smartphone, they are – sensors like – optical image stabilization, face detection, autofocus, ISO setting management, shutter speeds, camera resolutions and a lot more. So the next time you look for a good camera smartphone look for all these factors and not just the Megapixels of the device.

3. Higher Battery Capacity means Longer Battery Life.

Smartphone myths : Higher Battery Capacity means Longer Battery Life

Again! Bigger is not better! It is true in the case of battery capacities as well. Don’t agree? Wait a minute and I’m sure you will be convinced. A smartphone with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh can perform as same as a smartphone with a 3000 or 3500 mAh battery capacity, Confused? The factors related to the battery, like the – standby time, the screen on time largely depend on one thing and that is the performance optimization of your device.

As mentioned above, the 2500 mAh powered phone can give the exact or even better standby time and screen on time than the 3000 mAh battery smartphone if the device is well optimized. It is not hidden fact that Nokia devices use to come with low battery capacity compared to other brands but still use to give out high screen on time, this is due to high-performance optimization of the devices. So the next time your see battery, see the screen on time and then decide. Don’t go with the numbers.

4. Higher Specs means it’s a Good Phone.

Smartphone myths : Higher Specs means it's a Good Phone

Again and again and again! This psychology never stops. Like I said in the case of battery capacity, the same applies here as well. Higher specifications are good, but a device with higher specifications but low optimization is not as good as a device with the relatively low specification but high optimization.

What we need to have a look at during the time of buying a smartphone is not just the specs but the performance benchmark points that the device scores in the tests. You can easily find those results from almost all the unboxing and review channels on YouTube. Remember! Optimization is the key factor for a good smartphone.

5. Killing Background apps makes Phone Faster!

Smartphone myths : Killing Background apps makes Phone Faster

How many of you kill the background app as soon as you are done using it for that instance? Right! Almost everyone! We think that killing the apps running in the background will increase the speed of our device. In reality, it’s the reverse of what we think. YES! You read that right! Wonder how? Let us say you use the music app very frequently but you close it after every time you are done listening to music.

The next time you open your music player app the phone has to reopen the app from the memory which takes time(not noticeable). Instead, if you just let it be background it becomes easier for the phone re-open that app. If you open too many apps and the phone is out of memory then the device is smart enough to close the apps that you have not used recently but running in the background to make space for the new apps to run. The smartphones are designed to optimize the way they function, all we need to do it let them do what are meant to do. Stop closing background app now!

6. Battery Saver Apps really save Battery?

Smartphone myths : Battery Saver Apps really save Battery?

I have not come across any app that really does what it says it will in the case of battery saving. This is true that most of these battery saver apps tend to slow the device due to “always running” and “checking” and use a lot of battery themselves. They do no good! Why keep them? The modern day smartphones are made to handle the battery and performance in the best ways possible without any external apps intervention.  Say no to these apps and make your phone work faster than ever.

7. Plugging a Phone in for Charging Overnight Hurts the Battery.

Smartphone myths : Plugging a Phone in for Charging Overnight Hurts the Battery.

When it comes to smartphone myths related to battery, people say things like – charging the phone overnight will reduce battery life, charging phone overnight will blow up the device. All of these myths have arrived from the very few incidents that took place in the past. In reality, the modern smartphones come with inbuilt technology to take charging up to what is required and then does not take any charge after its full. It simply restricts the electricity flowing in.

So there is not harm done in plugging your phone for a charge over night! Many top YouTuber’s like MKBHD and Austin Evans have also stated in their videos that it’s completely safe to charge smartphones overnight and also added that they charge their devices overnight as well. If you have a faulty charger, then be aware!

8. 3rd Party Chargers will damage your phone!

Smartphone myths : 3rd Party Chargers will damage your phone!

This is another myth that people tend to blindly believe in. Talking about actual facts, there is no harm in charging your device with 3rd party chargers as long as they are of the same specifications that are optimum for your device.

What I mean by specifications is that the charger outflow and the amps should be exactly same as the original power brick given with the device. If that’s so then your good to go. Be careful is choosing the 3rd party charger brand as well, nowadays most of them are of low quality. Make sure that the wiring in intact and strong, then you would have no issues and you would bust this smartphone myth is your own terms.

9. Do not use smartphones while charging, They will explode!

Smartphone myths : Do not use smartphones while charging, They will explode!

This is again something that is coming from a few incidents that happen in the past. Yes, it can happen but only in few worst cases. Like? When the chargers wire is damaged or the charger is not the right one for the device i.e. the wrong voltage of the 3rd party charger used. In other cases, it’s completely normal to use the devices even when they are being charged. Just a word of advice, don’t be so addicted to your smartphones that you cannot leave it even for an hour while charging. Take a digital detox for a moment at least when your device is charging!

10. Smartphones radiations will affect human body when placed too close for long period of time.

Smartphone myths : Smartphones radiations will affect human body when placed too close for long period of time.

Anything more than a certain limit is harmful and it’s true even in the case of your smartphones radiation effect! A smartphone that causes no harm to humans with their radiations are only allowed to be sold in the market. The way to measure this is the SAR value of the devices. The lesser the SAR value the better. The devices are tested for their SAR values before they are released into the market. But long term exposure to anything is not advisable. So keep your phone as long you require it but put it aside in times when you are not actively using it. Say at bedtime, don’t place your smartphone underneath your pillow or beside your head, just place it on a table anywhere near you and sleep. 🙂

Those were the top 10 smartphone myths, hope you found that informative. If you did, then do share it with your friends and family to support us.


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