Why are Space Suits White in Colour? Why Not in Red, Pink or Purple?


What color are space suits and why?

Most of you might have seen astronauts wearing white color suits and in some cases, you might have seen them wearing an Orange color suit as well. But as you might have observed by now, astronauts only wear white color suits in the outer space. Ever wondered why don’t they wear red, pink or purple color suits? Or any of their favorite colors! Is it just to maintain uniformity among the astronauts? or does it have any real significance? Interested? Read along!

The orange suits that you have seen are called as Advanced Crew Escape Suit also known as ACES. This suit also contains the breathing apparatus but is only pressurized during emergency situations. The orange suits are worn only in the time of transits – like take-offs and landings. The main function of these orange suits is to increase survival rates in case of an emergency and improve visibility during the period of transit.

Talking about the white suits, let’s start with the basics. The white suit is called as Extra Vehicular Activity Suit as known as EVA. These suits are generally used for external works like – space walks, completing some tasks outside the space shuttle or space station. These suits are fully pressurized to meet the pressure and oxygen requirements for the normal functioning of human activities.

3 Reasons on Why Space Suits are White in Color

There are three (3) main reasons why the spacesuits are white in color and they are as stated below.

1. We all know that white is a good repellent of heat and black is a good absorber of heat. Therefore to keep it cold for the person inside i.e. the astronaut, the suits are made white in color. You might now ask whether it will get too cold inside the space suit or not. The answer is yes, it can get too cold inside the space suit but there is a system that can increase the temperature inside the suit for as per the astronaut’s requirement and the control for that heat settings is present inside the gloves of the astronaut’s suit.

2. Better visibility, white is the color that has the best visibility, especially in outer space because it’s all dark out there! 😉

3. Astronauts always go out into space in pairs and each of them is marked with 4 colored stripes to differentiate each other. These color strips are best visible when placed on white color for obvious reasons.

So, those were the main reasons why the astronauts wear a white suit and not any other color! If you found that interesting then do share it with your friends and also drop us your email and we will deliver such kind of interesting blogs right into your inbox. 🙂



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