How Chocolate Powder is Becoming a New Party Drug With no Hangover


Cacao: A legal Chocolate Powder Party Drug

Chocolate powder party drug: Gone are the days when people used alcohol or cocaine(illegal), speed(illegal) or LSD(illegal), to stay high for the parties. There is a new trend in the partying and the new king of the rave is chocolate. That’s right! Chocolate! The one favorite thing that the whole world loves is the new party item. This most satisfying food item in the world is now being used by many party-goers in berlin which is just one place among many others.

There are organizers coming up with parties which have these cacao special items. One such event is called as Lucid and it has cacao-infused drinks. Another group that organizes parties in London and New York have their bars stocked with chocolate rich items like – cacao drinks and cacao tablets.

Dominique Persoone who happens to be from Belgium invented a snorting mechanism for the cacao powder which he sells for $50.

This idea of partying with using cacao did not start today, it was taken into action way back in 2013. Here is a video in which an organizer talks about how they hosted the biggest cacao dance party and how the next one is going to be.

Chocolate is great food and is proved that it amplifies the mood of the person especially when the person is listening to music. Many people believe that this is the main reason why people started cacao as the new party drug. Also because it’s completely legal.

Many research papers and a few universities also say that chocolate is good in it’s purest form. That happens to be “Cacao” – than the processed form in terms of medicinal values and health benefits. We a person consumes cacao there is a surge of endorphins in your bloodstream. Also, it increases acuity and fuels your body with feelings of euphoria.


PS: Although this is being consumed as a party drug as we have mentioned above. We “Outshade” do not support or promote its usage in any manner. This is for educational purpose.


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