9 Apps That Can Get You Into JAIL, Use Them at Your Own Risk

9 Apps that can get you in jail

Apps That Can Get You Into JAIL: This might seem a little unreal at first but trust me, this is for REAL! There are many apps that are being used by people without even knowing that they are doing something illegal and could get them into jail. You cannot find these apps in the Google PlayStore because it is against the Play store guidelines. To download and use these apps, you need to manually download them from 3rd party websites and then install them. We don’t recommend or support the usage of these apps in any manner as it is against the law. With that all said, let’s jump into the topic!

These are the Apps that can get you into JAIL! Beware..

 1. WiFi Kill Free

Apps that can get you into jail: WiFi Kill Free

This app has a unique functionality of blocking the internet connectivity to other devices connected to the same WiFi network. Suppose you are connected to a WiFi network, and there are various others you are connected to the same WiFi network, at this point in time if you install the WiFiKill Free app and run it, it will disable the connection to all the other devices connected to the network. Only the device that runs the app(Your device) will be having the access to the WiFi network.

This app is extensively used in LAN gaming to make other players exit the network so the person can win with ease. This app was available in the Play store on its initial launch but was later removed.

2. Popcorn Time

Apps that can get you into jail: PopcornTime App

Movie piracy is a big illegal market in the world. This app – Popcorn Time, is a hub for all the pirated movies, mostly Hollywood films. The app contains all the latest pirated movies segregated by the genre. And as an addition to this, the app also contains a wide range of TV shows with all the latest episodes.

3. VideoMix

Apps that can get you into jail: VideoMix App

This app also has a similar functionality as that of the above app- Popcorn Time. VideoMix app also contains all the latest Hollywood movies in their pirated version. The films in this app are also arranged by category and this app also contains all the top TV shows.

4. Torrents

Apps that can get you into jail: Torrents

Most of are familiar with this word, but most of us don’t know that use of torrents is illegal in most of the ways. Torrent originated as a faster way to remotely transfer huge amounts of data from various locations based on the peers and seeds techniques. But ended up being used as an illegal way of downloading pirated movies and software. Most the torrent clients are shut down but they show up again with mirror websites. Although torrent download engines like – BitTorrent and Utorrent are still available in the Play Store, the torrent search engines are not available in app form in the Play Store. There are a few cases where people served two years in prison for the illegal usage of torrents.

5. SpoofApp

Apps that can get you into jail: SpoofApp Prank caller App

This app is not just another prank calling app. This app lets the users mask/change their number and voice too and call people to prank them. Also, the app also has a call recorder option. All these features of the app are completely against the rules of the Play Store and also most of the governments in the world. This app is banned in

This app is banned in the USA, there are cases reported, and people went to jail because of using this app. One of the main reason that the app has got banned is due to its call recorder feature. Most of the governments make the call recording without both the people knowing about the recording is a crime. You might have observed this when you call customer care numbers, you will hear a voice that says that the call is being recorded for assessment purposes. This is the legitimate way to record calls. Since the app does not do that, it is illegal.

6. Black Mart

Apps that can get you into jail: BlackMart Alpha app - Play Store

As every product has it’s own black marketplace, the Google Play store has also got a black market place – Black Mart. The reason I called BlackMart a black marketplace for Play Store is due to the fact the app contains all the apps from the Play Store including the paid apps, all of which are available for free. That’s right! All the paid apps for free, this is the reason why it isn’t found on the Play Store and is also illegal to use.

7. WhatsApp Sniffer

Apps that can get you into jail: WhatsApp Sniffer App Reads others WhatsApp Chats

You might have guessed it by the name, this app has a unique feature of being able to gain access to other devices WhatsApp chats which are connected over the same network/WiFi. This is a direct attack on the privacy of the people and hence is illegal to use and is also a punishable offense.

8. DroidSheep

Apps that can get you into jail: DroidSheep Network hacking app

This app also has a similar functionality of that of the WhatsApp Sniffer, but this is a little different. The DroidSheep is capable of reading Facebook Messenger conversations which are unlike WhatsApp Sniffer which can read WhatsApp conversations. Since even this apps features are also a direct threat to the privacy of people, the usage of this app is also illegal.

9. DroidSQLi

Apps that can get you into jail: DroidSQLi Website hacking app

All the above-stated apps can be safe when used for pranking your close friends. But this app is something serious. The DroidSQLi app is used for injecting virus or malware into websites to hack them and gain access to them. The usage of this app is not at all recommended under any circumstances as the possibilities of landing up in jail due the usage of the app is higher in the case of DroidSQLi.

So that was the list of the apps that might get you into jail. This article is purely for educational purpose. This list was curated so that you get to know what apps are dangerous to use and should avoid using.

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