Top Telugu Anchors Remunerations

telugu anchors remuneration

telugu anchors remuneration

Top Paid Anchors in Telugu Tv

People who watch TV shows are more than the people who watch movies in general. This is what makes the anchors the small screen celebrities. The big film stars do get paid high remuneration for every movie that they make, isn’t that known to everyone? But how much do these small screen celebrities make? You will be shocked to know, for sure!

But first here is top telugu anchors list.

List of Top Telugu Anchors

  1. Suma Kanakala
  2. Pradeep Machiraju
  3. Anasuya Bharadwaj
  4. Rashmi Gautam
  5. Sreemukhi
  6. Ravi
  7. Shyamala

Let’s me break it down for you.

Highest Paid Telugu Anchors: Female

The top Telugu television show anchor at present is Suma Kanakala. She has got everyone handled with her simple smile and amazing communication skills and timing. Due to which she is the highest paid anchor in the industry, with Rs 1 Lakh per show. She is quite popularly known for her shows like Star Mahila, Cash on Etv, Bhale chansule on MAA TV, Genes on Etv, Kevvu Keka on MAA TV and a lot more. She also earns extra income from the events that she hosts.

Jabardasth comedy show which is very popular for being the first of its kind and has brought a lot of fame and recognition to all the people associated with it. Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj is one of them. This fame is also bringing her a lot of film offers as well. Anasuya Bharadwaj charges Rs 80,000 per show.

Another Jabardasth fame is the Anchor Rashmi Gautam, this talented woman has also done few films in the past as well. Rashmi currently has a lot of shows running under her hosting for which she is reportedly charging Rs 60,000 per show.

Anchors who are coming into the starlight include Sreemukhi with her shows like Patas and Bhale Chance Le. She started her career as a supporting actress in Allu Arjun’s movie Julayi in the role of his sister. Later took turns in her career and finally is making Rs 50,000 per show as an anchor.

Another popular face on the small screen is Anchor Shyamala who charges Rs 30,000 per show. She mostly hosts film events like audio launches and success meets.

Highest Paid Telugu Anchors: Male

Anchor Pradeep, a very well known face to the Telugu people. Started his life as an RJ with a pay as low as Rs 15,000 and grew eventually. His exceptional communication skills and ability to make people laugh is what made Pradeep what he is today. Pradeep charges Rs 50,000 – Rs 60,000 per show. The most popular show of his is Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta for which he charges Rs 1 lakh per episode.

The man who is all busy now thanks to the Patas show Anchor Ravi is yet another anchor known for his comic timing and entertainment skills. Ravi reportedly charges Rs 50,000 per show.

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