DiamondBoxx Speakers: The Boombox With a Real Diamond


DopeTech #1: DiamondBoxx Model L

Bluetooth speaker diamondboxx model L

In today’s episode of Dope Tech, we present you – DiamondBoxx boombox, one of its kind Bluetooth speakers. You might have seen Bluetooth outdoor speakers before but this one might be the largest. Currently priced at $688 on Amazon, this is one hell of an expensive speaker, agreed? But what makes it so costly? Is the name DiamondBoxx just given for name sake or has it got a lot more to it? Let’s find out!

In the BOX & Specs

Coming to the package, I must say – Unique. Usually, we do find a lot of information on the package of any product that we buy, but this one has got a layout design of the speaker on its front side.  The rest has just got DiamondBoxx written all over it.

The box contains a mini jack cable for connecting your mobile phone or music machines, a power adapter and the speaker unit. When you first look at it and hold it – it feels like a suitcase, probably because of its design, built and the leather handle on the top. Except for the front of the speaker, the rest of the body has got a glossy finish. This is probably the biggest outdoor Bluetooth speaker that you will ever find.

Bluetooth speaker diamondboxx model l

The back of the boombox we have three ports – Audio IN, Audio OUT and charging port. On the front of the speaker, you find a volume nob along with woofer in the bottom and tweakers on the top. On the top of the volume nob, you will find some LEDs, probably for some indication purposes. Along with those, we can also find – power on/off switch, AUX port, and a USB slot to charge your devices on the go using the speaker’s internal battery.

The Diamond!

Coming to the most interesting part, the name – DiamondBoxx, the speaker has been given that name for a reason. And that is – the speaker has a 2 carat Diamond placed on the front of the speaker. That diamond acts a battery indicator. That’s right! A REAL DIAMOND! Things just got luxurious, didn’t it?

Boombox Music

Now comes the best part, the music! How good? Really good. This speaker is called as a boombox for a reason and it is the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker I have ever come across. Maybe I wouldn’t say that the DiamondBoxx is the best portable Bluetooth speaker as it is not that portable due to its size. But, it’s loud! Which makes it best for outdoor parties.


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