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convert android apps into iOS

Technology has taken over our lives, it benefits a lot in routine. These changes have made our phones much smarter than ever before. We exist in a realm of two operating systems, it is not happening between macOS and Windows. Today’s war is right between Android and iOS for smartphone sovereignty. App developers need to be ready on both to extend as many souls as possible.

One topic that has been a discussion from ages is- How to convert Android apps into iOS ones and vice versa?. The possibility has always been available, but it forced a lot of extra training for programmers, longer advancement cycles, and inconstant results.

Mario Kosmiskas has a solution for this!

Kosmiskas has been working for Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung. In addition, he started working on MechDome in an effort to resolve the puzzle of cross-platform development as a part-time.

Kosmiskas doesn’t want end users to know that they are communicating with an app that was designed with the Android platform. Since MechDome is exactly designed to be that. The contacts, keyboard, calendar, notifications are iOS. The code that comes here may be complicated, but the output should be simple and totally integrated.

Android developers need not do anything for the conversion, just have to upload an APK file to the site. Within seconds, the new iOS file will be compiled. The whole system was composed to undertake the tedious work away. Here, every work falls  in the cloud so there’s no necessity to learn new tools, languages, or APIs.

If iOS users desire to download an app that operates with MechDome, then no need to bother about Android malware either. “Malicious Android code is inefficient on an iOS device as the two modes are distinct. It won’t be able to do anything even if the code is left at that point.

GIST OF MECHDOME- convert android apps into iOS !

  1. First of all,MechDome being a public beta converts Android apps to iOS completely .
  2. There are some constraints to what can currently be translated: applications must be Java based, no shared or native libraries must be used, use only Android’s open source API, and  compile for API level 22 or older.
  3. MechDome prices will be fixed once if it goes live but it is free through the beta.

No worry if yours don’t fit right now they may probably be in the future.


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