5 Things You Believe About Space, That Aren’t True


We often tend to believe in things which we ‘think’ are true. But in reality how true are they? Especially the outer space which we always have seen as a  mystery. In this article, I’m going to bust some myths that you have been believing in about the space. Here you go!

5 Myths You Believe About Space, That Aren’t True

1. Sun is yellow


This is what we have been told from our childhood. But is it really true? Absolutely not! Sun is not of yellow or orange or any flame related colour. It is white in colour. Don’t truth me? We have two things that can prove it to you. The first one, try burning anything at a temperature as that of the sun which is 5,504 °C (do not try at home) you will see that it burns in white colour and not in yellow, orange or red.

The reason why we see the sun in those flame colours is because of our earth atmosphere. The white colour is a mixture of various colours and due to earth atmosphere, this light undergoes diffraction resulting in yellow colour.

The sound one, the photographs that the astronauts brought home which show the earth as a white light emitting spear.

2. Human’s will explode in space without space suit

without space suite

No! People will not explode in space if they enter without a space suite. Yes, it is true that the human body will swell up to twice its original size due to pressure differences between in earth and space, but certainly, they won’t explode. Yes, they might end up dying due to the lack of oxygen if they enter without a space suite. The human skins act as a protection for the organs but long time exposure of the bare body to space will end up in long-term problems.

3. Mercury is the hottest planet


We all know that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and hence we believe that it is the hottest planet. Well, in reality, the temperature of the planet mostly depends on its atmosphere rather than its distance from its parent star. The atmosphere in Mercury is almost negligible and has a temperature of an average of only 430 °C. This is because Mercury has no atmosphere to retain the heat it gets from the sun, this is the reason the night time temperature on Mercury drops down to an average of -170 °C.

The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus, the reason being its atmosphere. Venus has a very dense atmosphere and is filled with greenhouse gases. The temperature on Venus averaged to 430 °C. It also has ragging sulphuric acid storms which can dissolve humans in seconds.

4. The dark side of the moon


People usually say that there is a dark side of the moon. This is because we the people of the earth only get to see a half of the moon. The moon revolves around the sun in a fixed orbit and hence we will be able to see only a portion of it. In reality, the other side of the moon also receives sunlight the same amount of time that the other half gets.

This confusion arises due to the visuals of the moon that we see from the earth surface. We get to see only one side and hence people believe that the other side is darker.

5. Earth is round


The thing that we have been told all our childhood that earth is round in shape is a lie. The earth is often compared with a sphere or a globe. But, in reality, the earth is a geoid also called as oblique spheroid. The actual shape of the earth is almost like a sphere but it is wider at the equator and flatter at the poles. Resulting in a rough sphere shaped design.


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