Rajnath Singh-Kashmir is, was and for ever an Inseparable part of INDIA!


Rajnath Singh lead all-party delegation

Home Minister Rajnath Singh lead all-party delegation and after a day conversed with Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti in Srinagar, Union minister informed to media. The delegation continued meetings with a sort of students, scholars, state officials and other people of the community.


Singh started his media interaction summarising the fact that “The nation’s greatest panchayat is the Parliament. And these are the spokesperson of that panchayat” stating an all-party delegation had landed in Srinagar on Sunday.
He continued that when he reached there on 24 and 25 July,People lamented him regarding the stone guns. Then immediately he appointed a committee to determine an alternative within two months. It’s not at least for two months and the advice of non-lethal PAVA shells has arisen. He believed in them and sure that they won’t create any deaths or harm to public.

“Everybody craves for the condition in Kashmir to improve,” he said. In addition,”There is no doubt that Jammu and Kashmir are, was and ever will be an inseparable part of India.

He concluded saying Talks with representatives overall have been positive. Singh pleaded the press to carry in mind that the things happening in Kashmir are a regard to all of us. He added , need everyone’s support to get through them.

In response to inquiries from the media concerning the efforts of the commission to meet the Hurriyat, Singh said, “I had sustained from the beginning that we were ready to speak with everyone.”

When questioned about if the home minister would speak to Pakistan about the subject, Singh replied, first have to talk to those in the country.”


The purpose of 26-member all-party delegation was to interact with different kinds of people. Only with an ultimate opinion to reinstate harmony in the strife-hit Valley. But members of the separatist Hurriyat league neglected it. Originally, the conference was intended to cover 29 MPs, but only 26 of them attended.


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