Cases filed against Irrfan Khan and Kapil Sharma for Violating Norms


cases filed against Irrfan Khan and Kapil Sharma

We are aware that last week comedian Kapil Sharma created a sensation claiming corruption in the Mumbai public body with his tweets. He had seemingly not prepared for more fight. A sub-engineer of the BMC has registered a FIR against him. It is for illegal construction concerning to his 9th floor flat. Whereas it is in the Goregaon high-rise DLH Enclave in north Mumbai stated Mumbai DCP Ashok Dudhe. In another case, a related grievance also filed against actor Irrfan Khan. So, cases filed against Irrfan Khan and Kapil Sharma for unauthorized construction near their flats.


In the complaint against Mr. Sharma, BMC official Abhay Jagtap has affirmed that the “Kapil Sharma Show host had disobeyed standards and carried out unlawful construction in the flat, a senior police official stated.

Along with Kapil Sharma and Irrfan Khan’s flats, the municipal body managed to find violations in 15 other flats in the building. And they have sent notices┬áto their owners.

Mr. Sharma had already flashed in a controversy last week by claiming that he was asked to give a bribe of Rs. 5 lakh by an executive of BMC and also by  poking at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet.

In turn, the municipal body claimed that the actor had mocked measures in his Versova office building and in his apartment at suburban Goregaon.

Earlier, the Raj Thackeray-led MNS filed a complaint against the Kapil Sharma. It is about not canning up his call by naming the official.

The FIR is registered by P-South ward. Under section 53 (7) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act (MRTP), 1966, sub engineer Abhay Jagtap registered the specified flat owners and the builder. This section is all about prosecuting flat owners for not obeying with notices against illegal constructions. Punishment under this section attracts a fine of Rs 2,000-5,000. And also a jail term ranging from one month to three years.


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