Pawan Kalyan’s commanding speech for special status

Pawan Kalyan Jena Sena Tirupati

Pawan Kalyan Jena Sena Tirupati

Pawan Kalyan

PAWAN KALYAN, Telugu film star and Jana Sena Party leader, after a long period of time, addressed a public meeting in Tirupati on Saturday raising curiosity about the sudden purpose of the event.

Kalyan hasn’t spoken anything on issues regarding the state and didn’t tweet anything even though he became a subject of criticism over his continued silence.

He had been a vocal supporter of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister and has stayed friendly with Chief
Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu.

His very recent statement on the special status matter was when he met Kumara Swamy, former CM of Karnataka in
Hyderabad on 20 August.

“It is a sensitive issue and I will respond at an appropriate time,” he said.

He had been camping in the Tirupati for the last two days. On Thursday, he visited the house of his fan and Jana Sena worker Y Vinod Kumar who was killed due to a fight with fans of another film star Jr.NTR.

Speech highlights

On Saturday evening he addressed the public meeting at Indira grounds, Tirupati. This has created a huge mania all over the state of Andhra Pradesh. An immense mass of people has turned out to hear their favourite person speak after a long time. He has clearly told that the reason beyond launching Jana Sena party is to fight against the corrupt parties and question them on their work.

Adding further, he said that he does not believe in caste or religion as his daughter and wife are following Christianity. ” I have no caste feeling and get angry when someone talks about caste and regional differences, ” he told.

He spoke satirically on Jai Ram Ramesh and Sonia Gandhi.

In this meet, he highlighted about the current situation of both the Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He said that he is not here for indulging Narendra Modi or Chandrababu Naidu and added that he is the man who wants people to lead a good and pleased life.

Kalyan said that people call him rubber Singh instead of Gabbar Singh. He added that his life is sacrificed for his people and he’ll never cross his words told to people.

In past Congress MPs asked ‘please madam’, now they are terming as ‘please sir’, that’s the only difference.

The 3 stages

He decided to fight for the special status in three stages.

I Stage: He will tour the District head quarters and will ask the Leaders, Jana Sena youth members and people about what to do regarding the special status.

II Stage: Meeting in Kakinada where BJP decided to divide the state.

III Stage: If Special Status is not given even after then, he and his party will step up the movement.

“If the special status isn’t given, what do youth do with the make in India concept?

Are we in Sonia Gandhi’s pockets? Don’t you MPs have any shame to please for the special status?

It’s better if the MPs learn Hindi and then ask ‘Sonia Ji, humko special status chahiye’.

Let’s keep on fighting till we get special status. It is possible only if we all do it together.

Respected sirs of BJP and Congress, we are deeply hurt. You are not able to see our anger,tears. Maybe we are not in your vicinity and up but we are in down south. Maybe that’s why we are not in your vicinity. But I’m Pawan Kalyan, the president of Jana Sena party, representing Seemandra people. We together make sure that we’ll be in your vicinity and fight forever for our rights. JAI HIND. Hum ladenge!”



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