Bored Off with the same old WhatsApp Font? Here’s What’s Coming up!

WhatsApp all few fonts


WhatsApp all new fonts
WhatsApp all new fonts

The Multi-platform social networking app which stands before all when comes to popularity and it’s users is Whatsapp! It’s been adding new exciting features often to withstand the competition but the unexciting WhatsApp Font is never updated and same ever. So it is looking to add a new font to iOS and Android devices, and the feature has been spotted in Android beta build (version 2.16.179). But not to worry, here come’s all new WhatsApp fonts so that you can have better conversations.

The new feature in WhatsApp allows users to text in a new font which is similar to the one FixedSys in windows phones.

To get it, use the ‘ symbol three times before and after any word.


”’Outshade”’ and it displays in the new font. So, now WhatsApp users will be able to use a different font for chatting but it’s a bit difficult to use as we have to use symbols every time we need to access. It looks great if it comes more comfortably.

Recently, WhatsApp added ‘quote messaging feature’ to avoid group confusion. But this is not rolled out to everyone yet, have to wait few more days. There is no notification of this feature from iTunes or Google play store just have to update to latest version. Also, WhatsApp is constantly working on video calling feature and GIF support to its iOS app. Hope they come soon.


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