Hacking has reached new levels! YouTube videos too can hack your mobile

YouTube hack trick

YouTube hack trick

I am sure the best way to pass free time is YouTube streaming.But it seems, it’s not that easy now.
Firstly, Thanks to Google now, Cortana and Apple’s Siri which works on Android, Windows and iOS devices for their ability to even recognise sounds inaudible to the human ear.But now, this is what made it easier to hack devices.

The days are gone where hackers used to hack passwords, ATM pins and social media accounts. It is more advanced now.

Believe it or not, a deadened voice clouded in a YouTube video can hack the smartphone by issuing commands to the Google now leaving victim unaware of it.

A crew of seven researchers from the university of California, Berkeley and Georgetown have discovered a way out that hackers can get access to our smartphone. They conducted series of experiments and recorded a video of an attack.

The video reveals that only some voices can be understood by paying little notice. But other commands are impossible to find. The voices may target Google search, installing applications also downloading malware into mobile which handover complete control of mobile to a hacker.

Researchers suggested that developers of voice recognition software create filters to recognise the contrast between human and computer generated commands.

However,the problem is yet to be solved, we have to be cautious about whether any voice recognition feature is active nearby in mobile while watching videos on YouTube.


Sravya B.



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