Someone Has Deemed You Unworthy? Shut Them This Way


Someone Has Deemed You Unworthy? Shut Them This Way

Sometimes people make us feel like a joke, in that situations we can’t act back or ignore, all we can do is silently move away from them. But to be Frank, it really hurts inside. Doesn’t it?

One way to shut them down is to ignore the comment completely. Just turn away and start talking to someone else, it reaches to them as you are bored or tired of their company.

Assertive communication! It helps you to express your feelings more clearly and helps to understand yourself better. One way to do this is most importantly using ‘I’ statements while communicating. It makes people look like you are self-esteemed and Pointing out how childish they are and their motives. For instance just say ‘stop trying to show off in front of others, targeting others flaws doesn’t make you sound clever’. So that people get that they are wrong.

I know this is a kind of a harsh approach. But, nothing important than how you are feeling, right? So, just go for it! Tell them that showing others low doesn’t make them cool in anyway. Don’t just actually tell them, but make them realise the same by your actions. It’s ok if you’re not a kind of a person who can talk to known or unknown person in the way we just suggested. We have got you covered in the next way. Read along.

The other way is, take a few deep breaths before responding, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system so that the body gets charged and gives the strength to handle the critique of your abilities and more calm confidence.

The best way to prove your critics wrong is to focus at the thing someone is underestimating you and succeeding it instead of obsessing over what people say. Use the anger or pain as motivation to work much harder on pursuing your goals.

The greatest failure is fear. Never feel inferior on doubt of others. You know your abilities better than anyone else on the earth. Real success lies in your ability to rise in the face of failure, anything worth getting require you to take risks.If you live in the past,that is exactly what happens again and obviously your past becomes your present that stops you from moving forward.

Remember, there are no smart people or stupid people, it is just people being smart or stupid, and you have an option of choosing what you want to be, a smart person? or stupid person?


Sravya B.


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