Microsoft Proves Edge is More Faster Than Google Chrome


Microsoft Proves Edge is More Faster Than Google Chrome

We all have our own opinions about which web browser is best and moreover first ranks the Google Chrome. It had owned great reputation and fans over the years of it’s service. But in reality Google Chrome is screwing our computers and draining the system’s battery life.

So to keep a check, recently Microsoft conducted two different trials on most trending web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge(Microsoft’s new web browser) and Opera on a Microsoft Surface book laptop.

The first trial was in lab conditions and imitated typical browsing activities on a variety of popular sites and the second one is about how long laptop’s battery existed while streaming the videos in each of browsers.

The study proves that Edge which succeeded Internet Explorer as the default browser on Microsoft devices is having better battery life. In a blog post published recently revealed that Edge is 112% faster than chrome. It also comes with new advanced Windows 10 operating system giving it a 70% more battery life than Chrome and a 45% more than Firefox! But still browser doesn’t offer browser extensions. Microsoft is trying hard to lower the power consumption than usual, on networking improvements, speed and it’s efficiency. Soon it’s going to bash with better upgrades.

So folks, if you are a person who loves having a larger battery life then it’s time to switch your browser.


Sravya B.


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