“Ivvalane” Telugu Rap Lyrical Video From Roll Rida and Kamran


"Ivvalane" Telugu Rap Lyrical Video From Roll Rida and Kamran

The PATANG song stars Roll Rida and Kamran and back with another track of their to blow your mind. These Telugu rappers are setting a new type of music that was never experienced by the people of the Telugu states.

These experimental Telugu rap songs recieved a huge positive response from the public with over a million views on the PATANG video that was posted on YouTube earlier this year.

Rahul Kumar AKA Roll Rida is a engineering graduate and was working for Tech Mahindra and now, the passion he has for music has turned him into what he is today.

His music became so popular that he even got a chance to present his talent in the movies too. One of his recent project was the film ‘A..Aa’ in which he raped for ‘Anasuya Kosam’ song.

This latest song from the Rolling Reels is named “Ivvalane” and is a telugu rap lyrical video has been released in YouTube.

Check out the song for yourself,


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