Facebook Messenger and IMO blocked in Saudi Arabia


Facebook Messenger and IMO blocked in Saudi Arabia

Recently Facebook Messenger went down in Saudi Arabia. But not the whole application was down but only a few of it’s services such as voice and video calling. Simply said, the voice and video calling features of the app were banned. IMO also experienced a similar issue. Other popular VOI service provider apps like WhatsApp and Viber were already not working in Saudi Arabia.

When a person makes a call the ringing alert appears but no connection is established between the two devices and hence no conversation is taking place. Some services straight away and showing a message which says “calling unavailable because your carrier or country does not support the service.”. As of now the only app that seems to support these features is Tango.

According to the Arab News the reason for the blocking of these applications and services are on the basis of lobbying by Telecom operations. In other words, this move has been made by the government to protect the revenues of the local telecom operators.

The locals are taking on the online communities and social media platforms to express their dismay towards the ban.


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