12 Killer DOs and DONTs To Get Rid Of Body Fat


12 Killer DOs and DONTs To Get Rid Of Body Fat

This article is for the people who hit gym regularly and do cardio and all other physical activities to get rid of excess body fat and get in shape.
Working out is not enough to flush out the fat from your body unless you are aware of what you are eating as food plays a major role in body metabolism you should be a smart eater as your goal is to loose body fat you need change you diet according to it without getting malnutrition and without affecting the functionality of the system.so here are some changes should be made in your daily diet to get rid of fat accordingly .

The DOs

1. Start your day by drinking up to 1-3 liters of water take up to 10 mins and drink some thing hot which is free of milk and sugar. Replace sugar with other sweeteners such a jaggery and honey which are low in calories and good to health.
2. For breakfast eat breakfast which is free of fat and rich in carbohydrates and proteins.I suggest 3 slices of brown bread with 2 egg whites and a glass of soy milk complete your breakfast before 8 AM.
3. Between 10 AM-11 AM eat a bowl of salad which includes Broccoli,cabbage,carrots,Beetroot. Cabbage should be the major ingredient as it is the natural fat burner.This meal should be free of Fat and carbohydrates even the high amount of protein.
4. This meal should be taken between 12:30-1:30 PM this will be your lunch which is free of fat and rich in carbohydrates as the carbohydrates are the first preference of the energy production avoiding it can cause health problems here I suggest Cereal or bread with 300 grams of veggie gravy or with 250 grams of chicken or fish.
5. This is for the people who actually workout if you don’t workout ignore it.This should be taken half an hour before workout but not after 6 PM.This includes a whole banana with a bowl of oat meal which helps in production of energy to workout and delivers dietary fiber.
6. This will be the last meal of the day which includes protein and fiber. Multi-grain soup  with a bowl boiled vegetables and 2 egg whites.

The DON’Ts 

12 Killer DOs and DONTs To Get Rid Of Body Fat

Foods should be avoided completely
1.Dairy fat(cheese, Butter, ghee, Fat rich milk, curd(not yogurt))
2. Chocolates and other Traditional sweets which are high in sugar and far.
3. Ice creams.
4. All nuts(can eat small amount of walnuts)
5. Gluten rich foods(it will present in grains mainly in wheat.
6. Other processed and junk foods.
Food may make you feel happy but getting fit makes you feel more happier so it’s in your hands which way to go.

Be a fit human

Guest Author, J Kanak.
Follow Him on Instagram @kanak_chowdary


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