The Only Proven Diet Technique That Works


The Only Proven Diet Technique That Works

This article is for those people who can manage a change in their eating habits and there likes to get into good shape or to burn some calories. I say it is not necessary to give up all your eating habits to get into good shape if you are hitting the gym and working out regularly. You just need to learn to balance between the quality and quantity of what you eat and also when you are eating plays a major role in maintaining your body metabolism.

Giving up completely on food leads to many problems, for example if you cut down carbohydrates intake completely then your body cannot get sufficient energy, there by it depends on proteins and fats of your body. By this you may lose your weight and you might even feel happy about it but it effects your muscular built in a serious way.

So here are some intake habits to be followed in your daily diet,

1. In the morning when you are off the bed, start your day by drinking more than 1.5 liters of water. This will help you to get flat abs.

2. After brushing take any a fruit like apple or anyone of the citrus. Don’t bother about the calories in it, citrus fruits have no fat and they are the natural fat burners.

3. Replace your morning drink with green tea.

4. Break your meals into six a day. This procedure has to be followed because if it is 3 for day we may not get enough nutrition from it because in one meal we may have only one or two things but when we break it den we may have different items for each meal there by fulfilling our nutrition requirements even it is not good for our body to eat lot at one time make you gain weight.

5. Complete your fourth meal before dawn and fifth meal should be lesser compared to fourth one.

The Only Proven Diet Technique That Works


1. Cut down dairy products if you have habit of drinking milk replace it with soya milk it is rich in protein and has no fat

2. Cut down milk chocolate replaces your milk chocolate with dark chocolate even it should be taken in small quantities.

3. Be smart with gluten. Gluten is the substance which stops your gains if you are a body builder. This is found in whole wheat so replace your bread with brown bread.

4. If you love pizza or food in any other food courts spare to your cheat days. You can leave your workout for 2 days a week and you can eat whatever you want once on that day by just avoid the food with castor oils and more dairy products like cheese.

5. If you are depending on food available outside just avoid fried foods. For example replace your McDonald’s with Subway where you will get taste with health.

6. Add fish and egg whites to your diet as they are rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids helps in fat burning.

8. Don’t forget to take pre and post workout meals pre workout meal should contain more carbs along with protein so I suggest brown bread along with egg white. Post workout meal should contain more protein and energy boosters so I suggest soya milk along with bananas.
Food is one of the heavenly things what a man could have so don’t be a freak about you can eat whatever you want you just need to learn how to burn it.

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