Shah Rukh Khan’s “FAN” Trailer is OUT!


Shah Rukh Khan's "FAN" Trailer is OUT!

The much awaited trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film “FAN” which is certainly coming up with a really different and most probably fist of its kind of a film. 
FAN is produced by Yash Raj Films and is expected to hit the theaters on 15th April 2016.
This trailer clearly shows the base story line of the film which is all about the crazy love that Gaurav has for Aryan Khanna (SRK) which after a series of incident turns into hate and Aryan Khanna’s world’s biggest fan becomes his greatest enemy. The movie is a must watch for you to know why 
Gaurav who called Aryan Khanna his idol turned out to hate him so much that he wanted to destroy him.
This Aditya Chopra produced and Maneesh Sharma directed film is hopefully waiting for success. Let us see how their luck turns out on their experimental film FAN.


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