Bill Gates Remains The Worlds Richest Person


Forbes has rolled out the list of world’s richest people and Bill Gates has managed to hold his first position again. Gates has been in the top for the past three years and is currently worth $75.8 billion even after his complete worth has gone down by $236 million from last year he still managed to stay on the top of the list.

This drop down of the net worth of Bill Gates is majorly due to the investments he along with 20 other billionaires have made into innovative clean energy. Also the expenditure via Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which Bill has taken very seriously to solve the worlds health care issues and attempting to eradicate the deices by preventing them by the use of vaccines.

Bill Gates Remains The Worlds Richest Person

This was Forbes 30th annual billionaires guide which counts 1,810 billionaires in the world, this number has gone down from previous 1,826 billionaires last year.

The major new entries into the top 10 billionaires of the world have been Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who has managed to move to 6th position from 16th position and also Jeff Bezos of Amazon has managed to attain 5th position from 15th position.

The following are the top 10 billionaires of the world,

1. Bill Gates, Microsoft ($75.8 billion)

2. Amancio Ortega, Zara ($67 billion)

3. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway ($60.8 billion)

4. Carlos Slim Helu, América Móvil ($50 billion)
5. Jeff Bezos, ($45.2 billion)
6. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook ($44.6 billion)
7. Larry Ellison, Oracle ($43.6 billion)
8. Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg L.P. ($40 billion)
9. Charles Koch, Koch Industries ($39.6 billion)
10. David Koch,  Koch Industries ($39.6 billion)
India’s Mukesh Ambani owner of Reliance Industries holds the 36th position and is termed as one of the top winners from last year with a net worth hike by $611 million Mukesh has managed to jump from 58th position to 36th position.


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