8 Best Ways To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

For those who don’t know what Instagram is all about, here is a quick overview on it – Instagram is a social network for sharing photos. You can simply click a picture and add a good image filter to it and post it onto Instagram’s servers. During the time of posting the picture you are given a option to tag the people if your picture(if any) and also an option to Geo-tag the picture. Instagram also provides an option to show off your image to your friends on other social media platforms by simply clicking on the share button.

Instagram which has over 300 million users and is growing everyday and is a place where you should be there to socialize with your community and grow your business. But more than 65-70% of the instagram accounts are personal accounts. If you are one of those user who is having a tough time getting followers to your account and likes to your posts, then this article is for you. Read along and discover the 8 best proven ways to grow Instagram followers absolutely free.

8 Best Ways To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

1. Quality over Quantity

Source: YouTube, cbc.ca
What you post is what you get! Didn’t understand? Posting quality images from time to time will surely increase your followers number and will help you grow your instagram account. Posting high quantity of images would do no good when you compare the results with those which you get from quality pictures/videos. Start today, focus on the quality of the pictures that you post.

2. The Best Time

Yeah! the time of posting the picture plays a major role in getting your image or video seen by your followers. Don’t post when your followers are sleeping – it won’t do any good to you. The optimum time to post image or videos in instagram are 7:30PM-9PM IST on week days and around 11AM IST on weekends. Posting your pictures on these timings will increase the number of likes to your post as most of the people are active in instagram in that timings.

3. Unleash The Power Of Hashtags

More than 68% of the instagram posts have hashtags in their description. Hashtags are a great way to promote your pictures or videos in instagram as they put your images into certain categories that are similar to the topic of your picture. Doing so increases the chances of your picture getting viewed by the people posting under similar category or even better – They might like your post or even leave a comment. 
Using popular hashtags will help you promote your images more easily. Given below are the most famous hashtags of instagram.
Use these hashtags in your image or video description and enjoy the free likes and comments that you will get. If you are lucky enough you might get followers too.

4. Like What You Love

This is as simple as ” Like others pictures to get likes for your pictures”. This is because of the general human tendency of good gesture over others as they showed the same on you. So like whatever pictures you like or the ones that come under your community or topic of interest.

5. Commenting is the King! 

According to analysis of many Instagram accounts and understanding user behaviour we understood that commenting on other pictures or videos gets your profile more traction from other users rather than simply liking the posts of other users. The posts on Instagram have a ratio of about 1:15 ratio of comments to likes. So, if you comment genuinely on other people’s pictures and videos then you are more likely to attract them and their followers as well to your account.

6. It’s Groupfiee Time

8 Best Ways To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

If you are one of those who is wondering the heck is a ‘Groupfiee’ then read along. Groupfiee is nothing but a selfie with a group of people. These people can be your friends, family members or even your mentors. Now since that is told let’s get to the point of ‘Why Groupfiee?’. People love collaborations! all you need to do is – take group pictures with your friends and post on instagram but do not forget to tag your friends who are there in that picture. Again, do not spam by tagging other friends who are not present in the picture, it just ruins everything.

7. Oh wait! This guy is from New York.

People love to find local people whom they would be interested in talking to. Geo-tagging your images and videos will help you get your share of local traction that you deserve. Also, your pictures are more likely to pop-up when someone searches for the same location that you have already visited and posted a geo-tagged picture of yours, this will increase your chances to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

8. Follow! Follow! Follow!

8 Best Ways To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

While you are posting anything on Instagram you are given an option to share that picture of yours on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Do it! Share your posts on those platforms as you have comparatively large number of followers on those platforms than on Instagram(As of now). This lets your followers on other networks know that you are active on instagram and are more likely to like you pictures and even follow you on Instagram.

Don’t over do it. What I mean is, do not post all your Instagram pictures and videos onto other networks as that won’t excite your followers to follow you on Instagram as they is nothing unique as special about it.

If this doesn’t work out then take some time out as literally ask your friends on followers on other networks to follow you Instagram. This will definitely increase in the number of followers for your Instagram profile.

There you have it! The best 8 proven ways to increase in number of likes, comments and followers on your Instagram profile. Comment below how you experience working with these methods has been.

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