How To Uninstall Apps and Softwares From Windows 10

Laptop running Windows

With the introduction of Windows Store into Windows 8.1 people have installed more number of apps than programs and software’s in their computers. Due to this change in what people installed into their computers, Windows had to come up with something to put all the installed Apps, Programs and Software’s at one place so that it becomes easy for the users to manage them.

As a solution to this problem Microsoft has come up with Apps & Features in Windows 10. Apps & Features is a place in the Settings panel of Windows 10 which lets users access, compare and uninstall the Apps, programs and software’s installed in the computer all at one place.

Given below is a Step -by-Step explanation on how to uninstall Apps and Softwares from Windows 10 computers.

1. Open Settings from the start menu.
2. Open System from the Settings panel.
3. Under System navigate to Apps & Features which is located on the left side of the panel.
4. Click on it to open.

Apps & Features under System in Windows 10 Settings

The window now displays all the installed apps and software’s installed in the computer and the user can decide which ones to keep and which ones to uninstall.

That’s it! You now have learnt how to uninstall Apps and software’s from Windows 10 Computers.

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