How To Stop/Disable Auto Play Videos On Facebook (Mobile and Desktop)


The autoplaying of videos on the news feed is a bit annoying for people, because they get to watch the videos which they don’t want to watch, also it’s a pain for people who have a low bandwidth(Low Internet limit) as they get to watch the videos which they don’t want to and are actually losing their precious limited bandwidth. But most of people don’t know that facebook offers an option to disable the autoplay of videos on their newsfeed.

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Now I am going to walk you through simple steps for disabling autoplay of videos on your facebook newsfeed for both desktop and mobiles.

The Desktop Version:

For computer users it’s very straight and simple.

1. Navigate to the top right of Facebook, click on  an select Settings.

    Facebook Settings (Desktop)
    2. In the left menu navigate to videos and click on it.
    3. This is the place where you can manage how to play videos on Facebook.
    4. Under video settings find Auto-Play Videos and on the right of it you will find “on”, just change it to “off” by selecting the dropdown and selecting “off”.
    Facebook Autoplay video turned off.

    The Mobile Version:

    Android phone or tablet:

    1. Open Facebook app and tap on   

      Navigation to Facebook Menu

      2. Scroll down and tap open the App Settings.

        Navigation to App settings Menu

        3. Tap on Autoplay.

          Navigation to Autoplay option

          4. Select Never Autoplay Videos.

            Facebook Autoplay video turned off

            iPhone or iPad:

            iPhone or iPad has a procedure similar to that of desktop.
            1. Open Facebook app and tap on   
            2. Scroll down and tap open the Settings.
            3. In settings tap on Videos and Photos.
            4. Here you can manage the Video behaviour in your app.
            5. Select Never Autoplay Videos.

              Some of the users have reported that they do not see the Autoplay option in their Facebook app. For them, just logout of your Facebook account and login again, you should be able to see the Autoplay option now. If this doesn’t work, update your Facebook app and try again.

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