How To Enable Cortana Anywhere In The World On Windows 10

Microsoft Windows Cortana

Cortana is the virtual assistant that comes with the Microsoft Windows 10 computers, it is Microsoft’s version of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Earlier Cortana was available for mobile devices from Windows Phone 8.1, but now with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has enabled Cortana for computers. Although as of now, Cortana is only available for certain countries and specific languages Microsoft aims at providing the services to people all over the world.

People can’t wait so long to watch this cool personal assistant in action in their computers. But, Cortana does not support all countries and languages. Here is a list of countries and languages in which is available.

  •     Australia: English
  •     Canada: English
  •     China: Chinese (Simplified)
  •     France: French
  •     Germany: German
  •     India: English
  •     Italy: Italian
  •     Japan: Japanese
  •     Spain: Spanish
  •     United Kingdom: English
  •     United States: English
Don’t worry if you do not live in one of those countries listed above. But, when it comes to language, people need to know at least one of the above listed languages perfectly in order to use cortana. Without wasting any more time we will jump right into enabling cortana in your Windows 10 computers no matter where you live. 

Step 1: Changing Local Region

This is used to provide relevant local results for certain searches that a user makes in the computer. Changing it does not affect the computer in any way.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Time & Language.
  • Select Region & Language.
  • Under Country or region select any country which is listed above.

Step 2: Changing Default Language

This is going to change the default language of  you computer. So do not change the language until unless you’re sure about it.

  • Under Region & Language you can find Languages.
  • Click on Add a Language and select the appropriate language which you are good with and also that language should be in the list of languages for which Cortana is available as listed above.
  • After adding the language click-select it and set the language as the default language by selecting Set as default. 
Now exit the Settings window.
Changing Time & Language Settings in Windows 10

Step 4: Turning Cortana ON!

Here comes the much awaited part, enabling cortana in your computer.
  • Navigate to the navbar and click on Search the web and Windows.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Now enable Cortana as shown below,
Turning ON Cortana in Windows 10
Now you need to login with your microsoft account and enjoy Cortana!
If you face any problems regarding any of the above steps feel free o comment below and we will surely get back to you.
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