How To Add YouTube Subscribe Widget On Your Blog/Website

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YouTube is one the best place to market your products, may it be any book which you are selling, any devices you are selling, or any other product which you want to expose to the audience of the world’s second largest search engine. YouTube also pays the uploaders based on certain criterias, and getting good fan base helps a lot in promoting your product and also make money through it. If you have a website and a YouTube channel, it’s a good practise to refer the YouTube channel to your website audience and also referring your YouTube audience to your website. Referring a website via YouTube is as simple as placing a link in the description of the video, but placing a interactive YouTube unit in your website helps you refer your audience to your YouTube channel.

Here are two different methods in which you can place a YouTube unit in your blog or website.

Method 1:

This embeds Your YouTube channel name and subscribe button of your channel. The widget looks like as shown below.

Outshade YouTube Channel

Copy the following code and paste it anywhere in your site where you want to display the YouTube Widget. Now, replace ChannelID with your own channel ID and save. Now, you should be able to see the widget working.

Method 2:

This method can be used when you want to redirect to your YouTube channel when clicked on an image. An example is shown below.

Image redirect to YouTube Channel

Copy and paste the code below into your image’s href tag and replace ChannelID with your own channel ID.

A sample code of the above image redirecting to Outshade YouTube channel is as shown below.( provided as a reference)

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