How Does Hike Messenger Make Money?

How Does Hike Messenger Make Money?
How Does Hike Messenger Make Money?

Founded on December 12, 2012, by Kavin Bharti Mittal, hike messenger has grown from nothing to a huge messenger platform giving competition to WhatsApp messenger (Worlds most popular cross platform based internet messenger). Hike messenger provides services like sending graphical stickers, emotions, images, videos, audio’s, files, voice messages, contacts, and user location. in addition to text messaging. Well, the question is, how did hike messenger survive all these years and how did it get that big? Where did it get the resources to provide the services that they provide. Here’s the answer.

Hike Ltd is a joint venture of Bharti group and SoftBank. Kavin Bharti Mittal happens to be the son of the chairman and CEO of Bharti group, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal. This is the reason Kavin doesn’t need money to run the company. He has got all the money and tools required to develop and also promote Hike messenger as much as he wants.
Well, Hike does make money in a few ways, one of which being the coupons that they provide in the app. These coupons are offered from companies with which Hike Ltd is having a tie-up with. It gets a cut of every coupon being used which is provided in the app. Example, people are likely to buy a pizza with 20% off coupon rather than buying a buying paying completely for it. That’s how it makes money.
Also, Hike earns from the apps and games install suggestions, which are seen in certain section of the app. The developers of the apps or games pay hike messenger to display their ads on the messenger platform. It’s just like advertising their app or game on the hike platform.
All the money that hike makes from these ways is very little, hike is surviving mostly on the funding provided by the joint venture of Bharti and SoftBank as stated above. Coming to funding, lets look at some statistics of the number of users and the funding that the company got over time. 
Started its journey on December 12, 2012, in the first round of its funding Hike Ltd raised $7 million from Bharti SoftBank in April 2013. Hike messenger had 15 million users by February 2014, and raised funding of $14 million. By  august 2014, the number of Hike users grew to 35 million and the company got a funding of 65 million, and by October 2015, hike reached 70 million users, with more than 20 billion messages shared each month and in December according to hike blog is haring over 1 billion messages every single day and 30 billion+ messages a month.

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