Adblock Plus Reveals How It Generates Income – Charges Companies To let Ads Through The Blocker

Adblock Plus Reveals How It Generates Income

Adblock Plus is world’s most popular ad blocker service provider, which blocks the ads that are displayed on the websites. Some websites have a lot of irrelevant pop-ups and auto-play videos which are very annoying for the users (as found from a survey), even banner ads with a lot of animated content in it also serves as a distraction to the users,and they deviate from the actual content which the user came to read or see.

Not all ads are bad, simple text and image have reportedly no problems from the users. They work just fine, and also generate revenue to the developer or blogger. Well, do we need ads? Maybe the users don’t! But the website owners do need ads to survive. Also the companies need advertisements to market their product. But, adblock Plus blocks the ads from being displayed on the site by which the websites and companies see a revenue drops.

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Adblock Plus was not clear in its policies till date on how they make their revenue, but with a recent update to their about page in the official site, they made a transparent statement on how they generate revenue.

Companies which have more than 10 million impressions on their ads will have to pay Adblock Plus to be whitelisted in their ad filters. Other small companies do not need to pay any money to be whitelisted, as long as the ads displayed on their site are acceptable ads. 90% of the companies need not pay Adblock Plus as they do not cross the 10 million mark.

Ad placement instructions provided by the Adblock Plus
Ad placement instructions provided by the Adblock Plus

Adblock has also provided the “Acceptable Advertising criteria ” where they defined how advertisements must appear in the websites and the maximum size they can be, as an effort to increase transparency.

The websites which have been listed white in the Adblock Plus have reportedly increased their income by 30%. But, as reported by TheNextWeb, Adblock Plus asks for -30% of advertising revenue of all the companies above the 10 million mark (Which is a huge amount). Even though only 10% of companies need to pay the amount, it still sums up to a huge amount which helps this Adblock Plus company run.

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