4 Best URL Shorteners – Shorten And Track Your Links


4 Best URL Shorteners - Shorten And Track Your Links
4 Best URL Shorteners – Shorten And Track Your Links

Short links are a great way of sharing useful links with the world. Why do I say so? Well, keeping track of  how many people open your link and actually visited that site you shared or posted, is simply the best way to keep track of the links.

Short links also play a major role in twitter tweets, all the people cannot possible share the whole link and the description of what that link is about. This is because of the known fact that twitter has a word limit. So, if you use twitter as a part of your social media marketing strategies, then you should definitely go for short links. As short links helps you to keep track of the number of people engaging with your content via twitter (or any other source in which you put the link).

Here are the 4 really great URL shortener tools provided by some of the reputed companies:

4. Hootsuite’s URL Shortener (ow.ly)

Hootsuite is a company which provides social media management system for brand management has come up with this free tool which can be used for shortening the URLs. This tool provides all the basic features of any URL shortener provides. Login is not required.

3. Bitly URL Shortener (bitly.com)

Bitly provides link management services, they work with the motto of  “Unleash the power of the links”, Apart from URL shortening, Bitly provides a variety of services like running campaigns etc. It also provides all the basic services that a URL shortener provides. It works with and without login.

2. Google URL Shortener (goo.gl)

This is a free tool provided by google to shorten any URL and keep track of them. Google URL Shortener provides data like when the short URL(link) was created, what is the long URL, what is the short URL, how many clicks on the short URL. It also provides analytics like which browser the short URL was opened in, in what country it was opened, and also tells what platform it was opened on. Login is required.

1. Bit.do URL Shortener (bit.do)

Bit.do is a free URL shortener service that helps you to get real-time traffic statistics of the people using your shortened URLs. Bit.do provides this unique feature which no other URL shortener provides, which is customized short URLs. This provides a option to the people to create a custom URLs like “http://bit.do/ anything”. This service also provides all the other basic services of a URL shortener.

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